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City Announces Ten-point Tourism Strategy

15 February 2021

Statement by Alderman James Vos, the City’s Mayoral Committee Member for Economic Opportunities & Asset Management

The City of Cape Town has announced a ten-point tourism strategy to get the sector back on its feet.

For destinations to succeed, they need to constantly reinvent, while incorporating the unique assets, the authenticity of their products and experiences all within a safe environment. With the City’s ten-point tourism strategy, we aim to help breathe life back into this vital sector to assist in bringing about economic recovery, just like we’ve done many times before.

A few months ago, we put together the Tourism Task Team to support the tourism and hospitality industry through these tough times while also focusing on future prospects. The Team enjoys high level support from across the sector as well as our official destination marketing organisation, Cape Town Tourism.

I am pleased to say that we are constantly looking at global best practice to implement measures to drive the various stages of recovery and readiness, as well as campaigns to stimulate supply and demand for specific key source markets such as domestic travel until international travel is restored.

Our ten-point strategy includes the following:

We need tourism to work and thrive to keep on supporting businesses and creating employment opportunities. To do this, we will incorporate technology and innovation in our product development and destination marketing strategies.

This ten-point strategy is a multi-pronged approach to help the tourism industry survive in the challenging weeks and months ahead as we get to grips with the evolving nature of a new reality, adapt quickly and think creatively.  Secondly, it is imperative that tourism reclaim its status as a significant and integral driver of employment and economic benefits for the residents and businesses of Cape Town.

View a presentation on the ten-point tourism strategy here.