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Invest Cape Town is a brand initiative launched by the City of Cape Town in November 2016 to position Cape Town as a forward-looking, globally competitive business city.

With the initiative, the City aims to craft an authentic narrative about Cape Town and what it stands for as an investment destination, building on its compelling success stories and sharing its competitive advantages.

Cape Town is attracting thinkers, innovators and design-led entrepreneurs who are helping to build an ecosystem that is strong in many aspects of the knowledge economy. The city is the leader on the African continent in the information technology sector, with more tech start-ups than anywhere else on the continent.

Cape Town has been chosen as the African headquarters of innovation by companies such as Barclay Rise and Thomson Reuters. The city is also the home to many of South Africa and Africa’s financial institutions and, coupled with the national headquarters of many legal and consultancy firms, offer all the services needed to underpin a global drive into Africa.

One of the fastest growing sectors in Cape Town’s economy is the business process outsourcing (BPO) sector, with many global call centres and online retailers like Amazon choosing to conduct their operations from our shores.

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Cape Town’s Economy