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Cape Town Entertainment and Nightlife

The Heartbeat of Cape Town

At the very heartbeat of Cape Town, you won’t find some monotonous sound, but rather a swanky Jazz tune that gets your feet and hips moving. This city’s history is linked to that of Jazz, and anyone visiting Cape town would be crazy not to immerse themselves in the local music. Being a multicultural and diverse city, it’s easy to see how this eclectic mix of a city would have much to offer anyone in terms of entertainment. From late-night jazz in our oldest cathedral to street musicians playing their trade on a windswept rainy day in the city, it’s easy to see that music is at the core of Cape Town. We even have a festival on the 2nd of January every year where thousands of men line the streets of Cape Town in a multitude of colours, singing and dancing to Jazz and popular music, played by a marching band. Every year the Cape Town Jazz festival also brings thousands of people to the city.

Cape Town has a bit of something for everyone

Not just a holiday destination, the city has seen a sharp rise in corporate events in Cape Town. Our favourable climate, linked with great value for your money, makes going out in Cape Town something truly African, different and affordable.

Want local African music or jazz? Tick.
Want beach cocktails? Tick.
Want world-class food? Tick.
Comedy scene? Tick.
Craft beer, craft gin and world-class wine? Tick.

Going out in Cape town is never boring, the amount of choice is unrivaled in South Africa and there’s a little something tucked around every corner for every kind of person.

Coffee Shops in Cape Town

Coffee lovers unite

For the caffeine-lovers Cape town is also the “Coffee Capital” of South Africa with quirky coffee shops on nearly every single corner. From flat whites to skinny lattes, your caffeine addiction will not be let down in our glorious city. We are even home to the strongest coffee in the world for anyone brave enough.

A place for sports fanatics

Thousands of people every year visit Cape town, not for its scenery, or great wine, but rather for sporting events. Cape Town lays claim to one of the most beautiful cricket grounds in the world, Newlands. This magnificent cricket stadium lives in the shadows of Table mountain and has been the cultural home of South African cricket for years. For the 2010 soccer World cup, a magnificent stadium was also erected in Cape Town that is home to the World 7’s rugby event every December. World-class sporting infrastructure has propelled Cape Town to the forefront of sports hosting.

Hosting an Event in Cape Town?

Cape Town’s beauty and infrastructure make the city an ideal place to host business, cultural, sporting and recreational events alike. Applications for hosting an event in Cape Town of more than 50 people are required to ensure these events are safely run and comply with local laws and regulations. The City of Cape Town has set up a one-stop shop to assist event organisers in navigating this process as seamless as possible.


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