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Millions of people visit Cape town every year, and you know what is the most common phrase we hear? “I wish I lived here,” and those people would be right! With a work-life balance that is unrivalled in South Africa, it’s easy to see why so many people love Cape Town and have dreams of moving here.

Thriving Industries in Cape Town

There is a melting pot of industries in Cape Town too, from manufacturing to IT and even an ever-expanding film industry that is attracting attention from all over the globe. We have seen a rise in international filming happening in our city.

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The Perfect Destination for Your Business Event

Cape Town was named the World’s best festival and events destination in 2018, which makes it the perfect place to host your work conferences. With work, beaches, mountains and local culture, there is an eclectic mix for all types of businesses. The Cape Town Convention Centre boasts World-class facilities in one of the most picturesque cities in the world, our favourable time zone also means that connecting to your colleagues overseas is pretty easy.


Although not the financial hub like Johannesburg, Cape Town is seeing fantastic growth in this sector, and many South Africans are moving to Cape Town for its incredible work-life balance and scenery. We have seen a sharp rise in weekly commuters, who work somewhere else in South Africa but come back home every weekend to their homes in Cape Town.


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